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What does it mean to be Creative?

There are familiar types of creativity, to be sure. But it’s not always about being artful. Or expressive. It’s not about being born with certain gifts, or validated by others. Rather, creativity is the ability to transcend existing ideas, rules, patterns, or relationships, and to bring about something new and meaningful.

Jourboo is about supporting and mobilizing people who strive to be creative, whether it’s at work or at home. The whole world needs to achieve its creative potential. So we are the tipping point. We will push creativity into the mainstream where it belongs.

That’s what keeps the fire in our belly at Jourboo. The non-stop thrill of being creative, sharing creative, and supporting creativity in others. It’s why we like to gorge on new ideas. Why we have wanderlust, and friends all over the world. Why we’re willing to bet big on rising talent. And why our furniture feels strong enough to withstand the nonstop activity associated with creative people, doing creative things in big, creative ways.

We are Jourboo: Create. Share. Repeat.

Project Pie

Our Freshman Chairs and Montclair Bar Stools hit the spot at this tasty pizza destination. Featuring artisan build-your-own pies, Project Pie started out as a simple quest for custom pizza at a fair price, and quickly grew to an international franchise with 15 locations (and growing!).

Project: Project Pie

Client: Restaurant